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Sharing joy and happiness will always increase your delight. Thus one should always maintain positive attitude in life and keep laughing. You will spread joy and happiness around you as that is the way you will feel from within. So stay happy and spread happiness. It is a natural medicine to recover faster. Laughter yoga is a mind-body exercise gaining ground all over the world as a reliable therapy for depression, stress and anxiety.

Laughter yoga is being promoted all over the world. People come together and participate in performing forced laughter with simple breathing and yoga techniques. You can simply practice laughing to gain its benefits.

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When you attend such a laughter therapy session even as a viewer it causes you to laugh. You gain positive energy and perspective from such laugh therapies.

Make Sure You’re Taking Your Medicine

It is a great social activity and there are no barriers. There are several people who benefit and recover from laughing therapies. It completely rejuvenates your mood. It is the kind of exercise that improves our overall health. It has its positive effect on mind and body as well. It helps us relax our muscles and prevent the release of stress hormones.

Laughing exercises also initiate the release of endorphins which makes you feel good and relieves pain. It works wonders in reducing stress, anxiety and depression. It gives a boost to your immunity making you feel more energetic. It is also a group activity and will help develop your social connections and reduce the feeling of dejection.

Life is hectic and stressful these days but ignoring our health is not sensible.

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Health is actually true wealth and to improve overall health and enjoy the benefits of laughter we all must join laughter yoga clubs. It reduces the day to day stress and energizes us for the daily chores.

Laughter Therapy: Health Benefits of Laughter

It is a powerful tool to combat several maladies. It is also helpful in developing strong bonds and relations. Life gives us many reasons to smile and laugh every day. Let us not miss any reason. Let us share the natural medicine of laughter with everyone around us. That is because laughter is an expression that actually has several positive effects on our mood and health. Studies have shown that a Kinder Garten child laughs around three hundred times a day while adults merely laugh on an average around seventeen times a day.

It is okay to be silly and laugh out loud as it is going to make you feel very happy and delighted as a result. This medicine really works wonders to cure several types of illnesses. It is healthy for your physical, emotional and overall well-being.

Laughter is the Best Medicine & How it Saved My Life

Laughter is the medicine for many ailments, feeling of depression, fear and anxiety. Depression is the illness that affects you physically and emotionally in a number of ways — lack of interest in family, friends and fun; state of mind in which you just isolate yourself. We see a lot of people around us who are always sad and depressed. It is very difficult for them to laugh.

Being depressed and sad all the time is the mindset which develops and becomes habitual over a period of time. Of course one needs to consult a doctor but the laughter therapy with it will always help cure faster. Also those who have suffered strokes in the primal brain region have to undertake prolonged sessions of laughter as it has vital role to play. Laughing is the therapy that heals us mentally as well as physically. While we laugh endorphins and other stress releasing hormones are released that make us feel happy, it also results in boosting immunity and relieving pain naturally.

It helps in relaxing muscles and releasing stress. Laughter is powerful coping method and a natural antidote for anxiety, stress and depression. Laughing is associated with greater resistance and ability to deal with strain. It influences you to see a world from a positive perspective. Laughing can instantly change the mood of a person in to a cheerful one and it is difficult to feel negative emotions while you laugh.

My Yoga instructor says that if we practice smiling, laughing and laughing out loud, every-day for some time then we will never feel depressed. So not only is it the medicine to fight depression and stress but also to prevent depression. The sixth sense which is really very important for living is sense of humour, which should not be underestimated at all. Laughing is usually a group activity and sharing joy increases happiness.

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  • It enhances our mood through social connection and decreases the feeling of loneliness. Socializing and sharing happiness will help repair the damage caused due to stress and depression. Depression is serious illness and needs to be cured at the earliest stage.

    Laughing can definitely help to combat serious illness like depression. In the central nervous system, the brain releases powerful endorphins as a result of laughing. In other words, we feel better when we laugh because endorphins reduce physical and mental pain. While this may be a wonderful feeling, laughing has other benefits as well:. Laughter also helps to create a positive mood. It allows the expression of happiness and the release of anxiety.

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    Humor eases tension and is a great antidote to a stressful situation. Laughter is often seen as a temporary vacation from everyday problems, bringing us to a paradise in which worries do not exist. Humor and laughter are natural safety valves that shut off certain hormones that are released during stressful situations. In fact, your sense of humor is one of the most powerful tools you have to make certain that your daily mood and emotional state support good health.

    Smile: Smiling is the beginning of laughter. When you look at someone or see something even mildly pleasing, practice smiling! Count your blessings: Literally make a list. The simple act of considering the good things in your life will distance you from negative thoughts that are a barrier to humor and laughter! When you hear laughter, move toward it: People are very happy to share something funny because it gives them an opportunity to laugh again and feel the humor in it. Their playful point of view and laughter are contagious!! This week? In your life?

    Attempt to laugh at situations rather than bemoan them: Look for the humor in a bad situation, the irony and absurdity of life.